Saturday, 21 June 2008

Saturday evening blues

I don't like Saturday evenings. Saturday evening means that its Sunday the next day. I don't like Sundays either, Sunday means its work the next day and I'd rather stay home and crochet with a hot cuppa tea and silly kittens running about. Well, I say kittens, only one of them is under a year old and thats Jekyll and he's definately silly. His stitches come out on Tuesday.

My mind has been buzzing all day with new crochet ideas, and I want to do them all now now now! I need to finishing typing out the pattern for my little bags - a couple of which are now in Etsy for sale - but that's boooring and I've got to get going on my Teddy Bear's Picnic scene - got some great ideas for it, I'm very excited about it :D

Am very hungry, going to look for chocolate to eat and maybe boil some potatoes...

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