Sunday, 15 June 2008

where do I start?

Soooo, I've got myself a Blog...hmmm...what to write on my blog...

I've set up this blog, mainly so I can post some of crochet patterns (when I get round to writing them up that is). I was supposed to be doing that this weekend, but got rudely interrupted by one of my wee beasties, Jekyll, having to have emergency surgery instead. How rude! He's not yet home from the vets, have been waiting all morning for the phone call. Its 10am and I was hoping they would have called by now, I suppose it is a Sunday and vets need lie-ins too, do they? But my little baby is poorly and I want him home :(

10.50 am finally the vets do call. He'll be coming home at 4pm :)

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