Friday, 27 June 2008

A first time for everything

Have had a grotty end to the week - I've come down with a nasty little flu/stomach bug. Spent the last two and half days at home feeling sorry for myself.

I did manage to get two crochet projects finished: My newly named
'Coconut-Ice baby blanket' for Rachael and Steve's little bundle of joy - due in 2 weeks. It was only when I was sewing in the ends that I realised, this was the first blanket I've made (apart from the monsterous, never-ending granny square I made as I learnt to crochet!).

The second project is a birthday present for my English friend - Karen - living in Australia, a scarf and wrist warmer set. After realising that Karen's birthday was looming and wondering what I could make for her, I suddenly remembered that, hoorah!, it's winter in Oz. As she lives up in the beautiful Blue Mountains my sister suggested I could make her my first ever scarf! With the colours I had in my stash, I've called it the 'English Rose Scarf' and added the rose as a little feature.

The scarf pattern I used is the Acacia Scarf from Ravelry by Megan Marshall, but I changed the pattern very subtly to fit with these colours, and the wrist-warmers are my own design - the second ever pattern I came up with. I have a pair myself (of course) that I wore to death this winter. I made them from some gorgeous Debbie Bliss Cashmerino aran, yummy! :D

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Srividya said...

Wow, your work is so beautiful.